Tuesday, 06. April 2021

Coronavirus pandemic: SUISA is meeting its clients halfway

Currently, many sectors are affected by measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, SUISA is meeting its clients halfway.


There is barely a sector in Switzerland that has not been affected by the measures introduced by the authorities.

This includes many SUISA members – authors and publishers of music; in other words, the people whose works our clients use. With events and tours cancelled, many artists have lost one of their main sources of income.


So copyright revenue from the use of music is even more important. That’s why SUISA continues to bill its clients for background entertainment, even in this difficult time.


Deadline extended to 31 May 2021

But SUISA knows that many operations and businesses are also badly affected by this critical situation. For this reason, it wants to accommodate its clients. Generally, applications for reimbursement for a given year due to officially imposed closure must be submitted by 15 January of the following year. In light of the difficult situation, the deadline has been extended this year to 31 May 2021.


For clients that have been forced to temporarily close their operations and thus used no music, SUISA will book credit according to the relevant tariff. In the case of background entertainment (Common Tariff 3a/CT 3a), please note that reimbursement is granted only if no employees were on the site and there was no use of music for telephone waiting or in company vehicles. 


Register changes on the SUISA portal

Please use our portal to inform us of the dates on which your business had to close. The reimbursement will be deducted automatically from your next invoice. 




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