Wednesday, 17. June 2020

Distribution Rules: Decision of the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property

The Federal Institute for Intellectual Property has approved the following amendments to SUISA's Distribution Rules:

Follow the respective link to the wording of the decision, available in German only. The individual amendments to the Distribution Rules are published in German, French and Italian in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SHAB/FOSC).




The amendments mirror the changes in Tariff D collections introduced a few years ago. Amounts which were previously allocated to distribution category 4A will henceforth flow into distribution category 4B. These amounts can thus be distributed in a more timely and targeted manner. With the cancellation of distribution category 4A, only distribution category 4B would have remained. Since this is the only category under section “4”, the reference “B” has been deleted. Henceforth, a single distribution category 4 exists.




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