Friday, 13. April 2018

Best Film Score: SUISA members Nora, Diego and Lionel Baldenweg win Swiss Film Award

Great Garbo Music, the award-winning Zurich film composition and production team made up of siblings Nora, Diego and Lionel Baldenweg, is honoured for its work: the trio received the Swiss Film Award for Best Film Score from the Swiss Film Academy for their music for the feature film The Little Witch. (Photo: Eduard Meltzer)

Photo: Eduard Meltzer

The Swiss Film Awards were presented on 23 March in Zurich, with Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga in attendance. SUISA members Nora, Diego and Lionel Baldenweg (Great Garbo Music) won the award for Best Film Score for their music for the successful feature film The Little Witch.


The three siblings have been members of SUISA since 1994. The Baldenwegs’ production company Great Garbo Music has composed music for international marketing campaigns for brands such as Braun, Canon, Carlsberg, Mastercard, Nivea, Orange, Sony and UBS. They are also successful film composers, producing scores for films including the Swiss hit Rascals on the Road, the Oscar-nominated short film The Railroad Lady, and now The Little Witch.


The awards for Swiss film production are presented by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) in partnership with SRG SSR (Swiss Broadcasting Company) and the Association ‘Quartz’ Genève Zürich, and organised in cooperation with Swiss Films, the Swiss Film Academy and the Solothurn Film Festival.



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