Coronavirus: SUISA accommodates its clients

After a brief phase of recovery last summer, all of Switzerland is facing major challenges again due to the coronavirus – the cultural sector in particular is massively affected. SUISA is aware that many companies are currently suffering the consequences. For this reason, SUISA is adapting its procedures for its clients. 


The widespread cancellation of events is not only hitting the event industry hard - many authors and publishers of music, i.e. those whose works are used by our customers, are also among those who suffer. Since events and tours had to be cancelled, many artists are missing out on one of their most important sources of income.


This makes copyright revenues for the use of music all the more important. For this reason, SUISA will continue to send invoices to its customers for events and music use that are still taking place.


However, SUISA adapts some of its modalities to exceptional circumstances for the benefit of licensees.

Discount for music usages that did not take place
Due to the ordered business closures due to Covid-19 in some cantons, various musical uses are and have been impossible. Be it banned events, closed shops or events in hospitality businesses that could inevitably not take place: Add to that businesses who shut their doors to the public voluntarily due to the precarious situation. Copyright fees for usages that have demonstrably not taken place in such cases shall not be payable.


In order to be able to deduct the discount correctly according to each individual case, various procedures will be applied for administrative and technical reasons:


Dance and entertainment in the hospitality industry

Customers who obtain a licence for dance and entertainment in the hotel and restaurant industry according to the Common Tariff H (CT H) cannot automatically benefit from a deduction of the discount because we do not hold the respective information that we require. That is why we send the annual invoices in the usual manner and attach a questionnaire by means of which the customers can notify us of their cancellations or downtimes. In case the invoiced amount is too high due to the cancellations or downtimes, we are going to reduce the invoices in line with the feedback from the customers to reflect the actual usage scope.  


Background entertainment

For licensees of the Common Tariff 3a (CT 3a) for background entertainment, the dates of business closures can vary considerably from one company to another. SUISA wishes to accommodate its clients in this difficult situation. Generally, applications for reimbursement for a given year due to officially imposed closure have to be submitted by 15 January of the following year. In light of the difficult situation, the deadline is extended this year to 31 May 2021.


We kindly ask you to notify us of the respective business closure dates by using our customer portal:


  • For your notification, please use the customer portal  .
  • Please create a separate entry on the customer portal for each closure. We therefore require one entry per closure from customers who have closed and reopened multiple times. 
  • Please note that reimbursements can only be made if no employees were on the business premises and if there were no occurrences of music use in telephone loops or in business vehicles.


After verification of the information, a credit will be issued according to the CT 3a. The value of this credit may vary due to goodwill by the Covid-19 situation. The credit will be deducted in the annual invoice of 2022.  If a customer has already received their new invoice for 2021, we are only able to apply this credit to the subsequent 2022 invoice, even if the customer continues to enter details for 2020 on the portal up until 31 May 2021.


Customers subject to other tariffs
Licensees of other tariffs who receive periodic invoices for long-term contracts must report any music use that has not taken place to the competent SUISA administration department, whose contact details appear on the invoices. Thus, in the context of a final settlement, the compensation can be adjusted to the actual use made. 


Limited office opening hours

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the SUISA offices in Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano are closed to the public until further notice. However, you can reach us by telephone or email. SUISA is available for all client questions and concerns by telephone from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 12:15 pm and 1:15 pm to 5:00 pm. The contact details can be found at www.suisa.ch/en/customers   






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