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The International Standard Work Code (ISWC) is a unique identification number for musical works used worldwide. All works with an ISWC can be called up online via the ISWC net. Titles, composers and lyricists of musical works are thus easy to find.




The ISWC was developed by CISAC, the umbrella organisation for copyright societies, and is comparable with the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Each work is allocated its own permanent unique number which applies worldwide. The ISWC is designed to ensure that musical works can be unequivocally identified in data exchanges with users, authors and sister societies.


New works registered with SUISA are automatically allocated an ISWC which is communicated with the work registration confirmation. The ISWC is composed of the letter “T”, followed by a nine-digit number and a one-digit check number at the end. The works registered with SUISA always start with the code number 050, for example T-050246800-1. Each version of a work, be it the original or an individual arrangement, has its own specific ISWC.


The ISWC network connects the databases of many copyright societies and contains all the works identified by an ISWC number. The ISWC net does not contain any publishing indications. The works in SUISA’s repertoire appear under the heading “WID” (Work Information Database).




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