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The Swiss collective administration societies

ProLitteris: ProLitteris is the Swiss Copyright Society for Literature and Visual Arts. ProLitteris manages author's rights for its members and the members of foreign sister societies. ProLitteris

SSA: SSA, a cooperative society, manages authors' rights for stage, audio-visual and multimedia works on behalf of its members (screenwriters, directors, stage writers, composers and choreographers).   SSA

SUISA: As the Cooperative Society for Authors and Publishers, SUISA fosters musical creation by ensuring fair remuneration for rightholders.  SUISA

SUISSIMAGE: SUISSIMAGE nimmt die Urheberrechte von Filmurhebern wie DrehbuchautorInnen und RegisseurInnen sowie von Inhabern von Urheberrechten wie Filmproduzentinnen wahr. Zur SUISSIMAGE

SWISSPERFORM: SWISSPERFORM is the collective management society for neighbouring rights (also called related rights) in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein; it is regulated by the State. Swissperform




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