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Funding institutions

FONDATION SUISA: FONDATION SUISA has been promoting contemporary Swiss musical creation in all its diversity since 1989. FONDATION SUISA does not only promote music through "passive" funding applications, it is an active stakeholder in the Swiss musical landscape. Through project grants, selected partnerships and presence at international events and fairs, our reach is constantly expanding. FONDATION SUISA

Stiftung PhonoProduzierende: Stiftung PhonoProduzierende, the Foundation for the producers of sound recordings, only supports projects serving to promote the status of record producers and the use of sound recordings in cultural life. These projects can be cultural events, competitions, awards, vocational and advanced training in areas related to the production and use of sound recordings, as well as general cultural action for the promotion of sound recording productions. As a rule, Stiftung PhonoProduzierende does not make any direct grants to record producers or concerts. Stiftung Phonoproduziernende

Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung - SIS: SIS, the Foundation established in 1988 by SIG - the Swiss Cooperative Society for Performing Artists - has been financed since 1993 by regular contributions from performing artists (phono and audiovisual) charged to SWISSPERFORM's deduction for cultural and social purposes.
The Foundation supports live performances and tours (music, dance and theatre), health promotion and prevention projects (e.g. the hearing protection project for Swiss musicians), as well as providing legal protection for occupational accidents and diseases, and emergency aid in case of hardship.
Moreover, it is actively engaged in Swiss Music Export and the Swiss Foundation for the retraining of performing artists. SIS also supports the Swiss Society for Music Medicine and, internationally, FIM and FIA. Schweizerischen Interpretenstiftung

SME: Swiss Music Export (SME) strives to promote Swiss pop music abroad. The association grants artists direct support for their work in European countries and cooperates with partners that share its goals. SME

Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC: The Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC regards itself as a patron and mediator of radio creativity in all the language areas of the country, both for private and public broadcasters. It awards application-based grants for radio projects. Zur SRKS

kulturfoerderung.ch is an information service of the Federal Office of Culture and Migros-Kulturprozent. The Directory lists patrons and funding institutions in the private and public sectors. Link to Directory

Migros-Kulturprozent : Migros-Kulturprozent represents Migros' voluntary commitment to culture, society, education, leisure and business. With its institutions, projects and activities, Migros-Kulturprozent makes it possible for a large public to have access to cultural and social services. Migros-Kulturprozent

Pro Helvetia: The Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia is a public foundation entirely funded by the State.  Its grants are subsidiary, meaning that they are supplemental to cantonal and municipal cultural subsidies. Pro Helvetia is responsible for projects of nation-wide significance. Pro Helvetia




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