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Respect Copyright campaign

Copyright law is already a complicated subject for adults to understand. For youngsters, it is practically impossible to know what is and what is not allowed when dealing with music, pictures or films. That is why the five Swiss copyright societies joined forces and created a concept to sensitize youngsters. The Respect Copyright campaign comprises the following aspects:



Teacher's leaflet " What's (Copy)Right"

The teacher’s leaflet titled “What’s (Copy)Right” is designed to inform readers about copyright law in the educational context. This brochure is available in German and French (but not in English). View the contents of the leaflet under www.urheberrecht.educa.ch

School workshop "respect ©opyright"

Invite an artist to visit your school with a facilitator; in an hour, they will explain to your students in an entertaining way how artists earn their income. 


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"respect ©opyright" teaching aids

With the teaching aids and corresponding worksheets, teachers can inform their students about copyrights independently and in greater depth.


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