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How to register a work

SUISA can only distribute royalties for registered works. It is an absolute requirement that you register complete details on the work title and all involved rightholders so that we may pay the collected remuneration reliably.


You may register your works online or send us a works registration form by post.


Please note: Only members or associate members can register works with SUISA.



Online works registration

For information on and access to our online works registration section, please click here: www.suisa.ch/myaccount

Please note: The following types of works cannot be registered online: you must complete a printed works registration form and send it to us by post:


  • Works created for the sound track of an audio-visual production
  • Arrangements of free original works (i.e. works no longer protected by copyright)
  • Literary works (texts without music).

Works declaration form

[127 KB]

Registration of audio-visual productions

Works created to provide the sound track for audio-visual productions must be registered by means of a specific form. Please use only the following forms (in German) for audio-visual productions: 


Registration form for musical works for films and audio-visual productions (in German)

Registration form for musical works for films and audio-visual productions (for additional works) (in German)

Registration of sub-publishing agreements

If you are a sub-publisher representing the catalogue of a foreign publisher in Switzerland, please indicate the terms and conditions of the sub-publishing agreement on the following form.


Sub-publishing Agreement Advice

In the case of option agreements (OA) or specified agreements, please also send us the list of relevant works. 
Any sub-publishing agreements in other countries should also be indicated on this form.

Have you already registered your published works?

Please check your published works in the works database.

What to look out for when registering a work

Fact Sheet: "Notes on the Registration of Works" (german)

Film music

Link to a model agreement for film music (in German) and a commentary (in German) on the agreement.




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