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Become a member

As a publisher, you can join SUISA if you can show that you already operate as an original publisher or a sub-publisher.

How to become a member

You join SUISA by signing a rights administration agreement. Once this agreement is signed, SUISA will manage your rights and ensure that you receive the royalties to which you are entitled for the use(s) of the works published by you.

Before you apply for membership

SUISA needs a few documents to process your membership application. Please ensure that you have the necessary documentation at hand before you start completing the online application form. You will need:

  • A copy of an excerpt of the commercial register or, if your publishing house is not registered there, another equivalent document for your company. The Articles of Association and/or entry in the commercial register must expressly indicate your publishing activity.
  • Registration forms for the works published by you together with the relevant publishing agreements.
  • The relevant insurance policy documents, if your publishing house has an occupational pension scheme.

    5 steps to become a member

    1. Complete the application form and send us all the required documents. Only complete applications will be accepted.
    2. We will send you a payment slip for the one-off admission fee of CHF 400 (incl. VAT). This fee is non-refundable, even if you decide against becoming a member after you have paid it.
    3. About two weeks after you have paid the admission fee, you will receive a rights administration agreement (= membership agreement), in duplicate, together with any other relevant documents.
    4. Complete the attached documents, sign one copy of the rights administration agreement and return all the documents to us.
    5. We shall then send you a confirmation accepting you as an associate member.

    Please note that you do not become a SUISA member just by paying the admission fee. The application process is only complete when you receive a confirmation from us with your personal IPI number. SUISA will not manage your rights beforehand.

    Subsidiary publishing entity (production or edition)

    If you are already a Publisher member and wish to receive a separate account statement for certain catalogues, we recommend that you open a subsidiary publishing entity for each catalogue. The ad hoc form can be downloaded here: Questionnaire for subsidiary publishing entity.

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