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Resolution text

Copyright law revision: do not make the situation worse for music professionals. Music must also be compensated in hotel rooms and must be exempted from the VoD regulation!


The modernisation of the copyright law is almost complete. Having been carefully planned in advance, the AGUR compromise could lead to success. In line with this compromise, two points must be corrected for the benefit of music professionals.


1. Compensation in hotel rooms and holiday homes

Hotel and gastronomy professionals want to obtain an exemption, whereby hoteliers and owners of holiday homes would not have to pay copyright levies if their guests listen to music or watch films on the radio/television devices provided. The Federal Council and Council of States reject this. 


The members of SUISA – composers, lyricists and publishers of music in Switzerland – ask the National Council to follow the Federal Council and Council of States: hoteliers and holiday home owners should not be favoured at the expense of those in the creative sector. 


  • The dissemination of radio and television programmes in hotel rooms and holiday homes is subject to remuneration if the devices used are made available by the owners. This is not private use by the guest.
  • Favouring the hotel industry in this case would create a precedent for further exemptions at the expense of the creative sector.
  • The hoteliers’ demand infringes on the rigorously negotiated compromise of AGUR12.
  • An exception for hotel rooms, holiday homes etc. would violate Switzerland’s international obligations.
  • These international obligations would create an absurd situation in which Swiss music professionals would be left empty-handed while hotels would continue to have to pay for foreign authors. 


2. Music exception for video on demand

The plan is for the law to include new compensation for video on demand (VoD). This new form of compensation will improve the situation for film-makers, but not for music professionals, who have already negotiated contractual solutions with the VoD platforms. 

For the authors and their publishers, such a regulation covering the right to compensation for VoD would result in lower income. The compromise therefore contains an exemption for music.


The members of SUISA ask the National Council to retain the suggested exemption for music for VoD compensation. 

SUISA members who have signed the resolution

SUISA members who have signed the resolution




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