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Pension Fund

SUISA has set up a special pension fund for authors and publishers. The Pension Fund provides a contribution to the retirement income of eligible members.The particulars and terms and conditions for eligibility are specified in the Pension Fund Regulations (German).

The key information on the pension benefits for authors is summarised in the fact sheet on pension benefits for authors.

Das NETZ – guidance and support in times of hardship

SUISA’s Pension Fund for authors and publishers is a partner of “das Netz”. “Das Netz” is an independent service for the community, providing guidance and support for creators and artists who find themselves in situations of hardship. Social service professionals from all parts of the country offer support at the request of the partner foundations and subject to the applicants’ consent.

The following guidance and support services are offered:

    • Analysis of personal financial situation and preparation of a budget
    • Advice on social security and private insurance claims
    • Advice on dealing with public administration offices assistance at meetings with the authorities
    • Care and attendance in old age or during periods of serious illness
    • Job hunting advice and guidance for the unemployed
    • Referrals to consultants and specialists such as lawyers, doctors, therapists and debt restructuring services.


    If you are in distress and would like to apply for these services, make SUISA Pension Fund for authors and publishers your first port of call.


    Ms. Claudia Marbach, SUISA Pension Fund for authors and publishers, Bellariastrasse 82, P.O. Box 782, 8038 Zurich, phone: 044 485 66 66, e-mail: claudia.marbach@suisa.ch

    Network Cultural Welfare

    Another institution supporting creators and artists is the “Network Cultural Welfare”. Their advice bureau is run by Suisseculture Sociale.


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