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Have you composed or arranged a piece of music? Or written lyrics for a song? Then you have created a work and that work is now your intellectual property. As its author, you can decide if it may be broadcast, recorded or performed in public. But how would you go about managing your rights, and collecting the royalties for the use of your work?


Join SUISA – become a member

Once your works are published, matters take their course. If you do not wish to negotiate your claims directly with each and every event organiser or broadcaster, you will need someone to do this on your behalf. SUISA is present whereever your music is used. We ensure that your authors' rights are recognised and that you receive fair remuneration for the use of your works.


You first join SUISA as an associate member. Once you have been an associate member for at least one year, you can become an ordinary member, with full voting and election rights, if and when you have received at least CHF 3,000 in royalties.


SUISA charges a one-off membership fee of CHF 200, including VAT.


Domestic and foreign royalty income

SUISA has entered into reciprocity agreements with more than 100 foreign collecting societies worldwide. This ensures that you also receive royalties for the use of your works abroad. We pay out your royalties from domestic and foreign uses on scheduled settlement dates.


When should you become a member?

You should only join SUISA once your works have already been used in public or if they are to be used in public in the foreseeable future. Only then can SUISA collect the royalties you are entitled to.


Important information on the protection of works

Your works are protected by copyright even if you are not a member of SUISA. SUISA is not responsible for enforcing the copyright protection of your works. We do, however, collect the licence fees for the public use of your works and pass them on to you.


Pension Fund

SUISA has a set up a special pension fund for authors as a contribution to your income when you retire.





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