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How to declare music recordings

You are a member of SUISA and have produced a music recording containing solely your own compositions. If such a production is financed exclusively by the contributing authors, SUISA does not charge any licence fees. But you still have to declare the production with us so that we may issue the necessary authorisation to the pressing plant.

What qualifies as an "own production"?

You are the sole rightsholder of the works to be recorded and you also finance the production on your own


You are member of a band and several band members are co-authors of the works. All band members finance the production.

Declare on time

Please declare the sound recording with SUISA using the form Application: Author's own productions at least 10 days prior to production at the pressing plant.


Once we receive the complete declaration

  • we will check the copyright status of the musical work and enter the music recording in our system. No invoice is issued;
  • we will send the necessary permission directly to the pressing plant;
  • if you send us your email address, we will inform you that the sound carrier can be produced.

Please declare the music recording on the form Application: Author's own productions.

Blank media levy

A portion of the proceeds from the blank media levy will be paid to you in the form of a mark-up on your music recording royalties. So if you waive your entitlement to remuneration on music recordings, you are by the same token relinquishing your right to a portion of the proceeds from the blank media levy.

Important: registration of works vs. declaration of sound recordings

You cannot register works with the form Application: Author's own productions. Please complete our work registration form.

SUISA facsimile

You can request the official, reproducible SUISA facsimile for sound recordings from our Mechanical Rights Department once you have declared the new sound recording.




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