Other rights

In addition, you must obtain authorisations for the following rights:
Synchronisation right: The right to combine music with images, i.e. to add music to a film. As a rule, this right is managed by the publisher of the work; it cannot be licensed by SUISA. You therefore need to apply to the publisher for the right to use the work. You can find the name of the publisher on the CD or in our works database under beneficiaries in roll  "E". Link to database.
Re-recording right: The right to record a piece of music from the original recording (e.g. a CD or an MP3 file). Re-recording rights are generally managed by the producer of the sound recording (sound recording producer, record company or label). You therefore need to apply to the producer of the sound recording for a licence. In most cases, IFPI Switzerland (the umbrella association for Swiss producers of sound and sound and video recordings: nearly all well-known Swiss record companies are members) will be able to assist you.

Or you can opt for a flat-rate solution covering all rights:

Mood Musik: Verschiedene Verleger bieten in Katalogen Musik eigens zur Filmvertonung bzw. Vertonung von Ton- und Tonbildträger an. Der Vorteil von solcher Mood-Musik liegt darin, dass ein Filmproduzent / Nutzer das Einverständnis zur Verwendung dieser Musik direkt bei der SUISA beziehen kann. Zu den weiteren Informationen. 




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