Mood Music on audio and audiovisual Media

What is «mood» music?

Mood music (also known as library, production, archive or stock music) comes from catalogues published for setting all sorts of audio and audiovisual productions, especially films, to music. Mood catalogues are available on sound recordings which are not available to the general public, and increasingly via specific websites.


SUISA as a «one-stop shop»

The advantage, in the case of mood music published by providers who have concluded a specific contract with SUISA (see below «List of mood music providers»), is that the user does not have to apply for additional licences from each right-holder (authors, publishers and labels) but can apply directly and solely to SUISA. SUISA acts as a «one-stop shop» granting users all the necessary authorisations quickly and at set rates (for more information, please see «notice mood music»).




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