Tariff PI – Contract clients

Who qualifies for a contract under Tariff PI (based on the BIEM-IFPI Standard)?


SUISA concludes multi-annual contracts with customers who


  • regularly produce, import or distribute music recordings as a business and pay annual fees of at least CHF 5,000 to SUISA under Tariff PI;
  • are established in Switzerland or Liechtenstein; and actually manage and conduct their business from here;
  • have a proper book-keeping and inventory accounting system;
  • warranty compliance with copyright requirements and are prepared to make a single deposit by way of security and monthly payments.


General production licence

Contract clients have a general licence to produce music recordings.  This is part of the contractual provisions. We inform the pressing plant regularly about the principals who qualify as Contract Clients.

Regular declarations

Contract clients are required to file regular music recording declarations with SUISA, no later than 30 days after the relevant releases.

SUISA simply issues a licence to use the original recording (master), of which no copy has yet been made. For re-recordings from existing sound recordings you need an additional authorisation from the producer or label. 


Contract clients pay licence fees on a six-monthly or annual basis for the number of music recordings units sold. Sales have to be reported via electronic mail. The template for such reporting is provided when the contract is signed.




Tariff PI
(pdf, 167 KB)

Reproduction of sound recordings intended for the public (music boxes excluded)





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