Are you planning to produce a music recording?

You can obtain a licence from SUISA to record and reproduce protected music on sound and audiovisual carriers. Depending on the type of music recording and the intended usage, different tariffs apply.

Tariff PI

Tariff PI applies to the recording of music on sound and audiovisual carriers intended for the public, i.e. sound recordings designed to be sold, given away for free or used for advertising purposes.

Tariff PI distinguishes between single transactions (Ple) and Contract Clients (Plv).

Tariff PN

Tariff PN applies to licensing for radio spots and, more generally, to all sound recordings not intended for public use, such as audio guides in museums, for example. Sound recordings for certain advertising purposes are also regulated by this tariff.

Tariff PN is often used in conjunction for what is known as Mood Music; mood music is offered by several publishers for adding sound to sound and audiovisual recordings.  The advantage of using mood music is that the licence for the synchronisation and re-recording rights can be granted by SUISA as a single-source solution. This avoids having to obtain the necessary rights separately from several individual rightholders as would normally be the case.

Tariff PA

Tariff PA applies to the production of musical boxes, in the conventional sense of the term, as well as to musical stuffed toys and other music-playing objects.




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