Tariff VI - Contract clients

Who is responsible for declaring the audiovisual recording?

The producer or the principal is responsible for declaring the audiovisual recording.
The principal is the person or company who finances the production of the audiovisual recording and has the right of disposal over it.

Who does SUISA conclude audiovisual recording contracts with?

You qualify as a Contract Client if you:

  • regularly produce, import or distribute audiovisual recordings as a business;
  • are established in Switzerland or Liechtenstein;
  • have a proper book-keeping and inventory accounting system;
  • warrant compliance with copyright requirements and are prepared to make monthly down payments and deposit a one-time amount by way of security.

Additional conditions

  • At least five new productions per year
  • At least 1000 units per production
  • Before concluding the contract, you have to have paid licence fees for single transactions under Tariff VIe for at least one year.

Regular declarations

Contract Clients are required to file regular audiovisual recording declarations with SUISA, no later than 30 days after release. SUISA only authorises the use of original recordings. For re-recordings from existing sound recordings you also need an authorisation from the producer.


Contract Clients pay licence fees on a six-monthly or annual basis for the number of audiovisual recordings sold. Sales must be reported via electronic mail (Excel list).

Recording from existing films

SUISA simply licenses the mechanical rights. The licence is subject to all other rights which must be duly obtained and paid.


Tariff VI
(pdf, 281 KB)

Reproduction of audiovisual recordings intended for the public


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