Audiovisual recordings

Are you planning to produce a DVD, BluRay disc or video tape?

SUISA issues the licence to record and produce protected music on audiovisual carriers. Different tariffs are applicable depending on the type of audiovisual recording and its usage. 


Tariff VM (Music DVDs)

Please note: Tariff VM expired on 31.12.2014!
On 01.01.2015, it was incorporated into tariff PI. 

For complete information on the production of music videos, see here.

Tariff VI (Documentary and feature films)

Tariff VI applies to the reproduction of audiovisual recordings intended for the public, i.e. audiovisual recordings designed to be sold, given away for free or used for advertising purposes.
Tariff VI applies to audiovisual recordings which do not mainly contain music, i.e. documentary films and feature films, etc.
Tariff VI distinguishes between single transactions and Contract clients.




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