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Manufacture, production and import of sound and audiovisual recordings

Why you need a licence

Whoever publishes, reproduces or broadcasts music, or makes it otherwise available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein needs a licence from the rightholders. SUISA is empowered by music authors and publishers to issue such licences on their behalf. SUISA collects the corresponding licence fees and passes them on to the rightholders whose music was used.

No licence is required for playing, copying or listening to music in the private sphere, i.e. for one’s own personal use or use within a close circle of family and friends.

Responsibility lies with the producer / manufacturer

Are you a manufacturer, producer or importer of sound and audiovisual recordings? Before producing a sound or audiovisual recording with protected music, you must obtain a licence.SUISA issues the licence on behalf of the author for a fee. The amount of the licence fee is determined in accordance with the relevant tariff.

SUISA negotiates its tariffs with the competent associations and organisations; the tariffs are then examined and approved by the Federal Arbitration Commission for copyrights and neighbouring rights.




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