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Common Tariff 4d

Common Tariff 4d regulates levies on digital storage media in audio recording devices such as MP3 players, for example, and digital storage media in audiovisual recording devices such as DVD recorders with hard drives. This includes all types of memory chips and hard drives inside audio and video recording devices or supplied to consumers with such devices. An audio and video recording device is a device with a recording function and which is primarily marketed for recording and playing protected works.


The levies do not include VAT, if any, which is payable additionally at the applicable rate.

The levy shall depend on the storage capacity and shall be the following amount per Gigabyte (GB) storage capacity:

Storage in Audio recording devices


  • up to and including 4 GB       CHF 0.630
  • up to and including 8 GB       CHF 0.572
  • up to and including 16 GB     CHF 0.332
  • up to and including 32 GB     CHF 0.2552
  • above 32 GB                          CHF 0.1992

Storage in Video recording devices

  • up to and including 250 GB    CHF 0.085
  • up to 1 TB                               CHF 0.050
  • above 1 TB                              CHF 0.030


Declaration after import/delivery

Producers and/or importers are required to provide SUISA all necessary invoicing data on the declaration form. This includes in particular:

  • the number of produced or imported blank carriers with the relevant storage capacity;
  • the number of produced or imported audio and video recording devices;
  • the number of blank media carriers exported – indicating storage capacity – and the number of audio and video recorders exported (with a copy of the corresponding customs documents).

Unless otherwise agreed, such data and documents must be communicated on a monthly basis, no later than 20 days after the end of each month.


Follow up procedure

After receiving the declaration form, SUISA prepares the invoice based on the blank carrier movements in the declaration period.

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