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SUISA - the one-stop copyright shop for Europe - accurate and reliable pan-European licensing of all important online providers for publishers, composers and authors. 


Since October 2013, SUISA has been offering its existing members direct pan-European licensing in 17 European countries (UK, D, F, E, I, P, B, NL, A, PL, CS, IRL, HUN, DK, S, N, FIN) on iTunes and Google Play; in 2014, we added other music services such as spotify, youtube and Amazon. SUISA has reorganised its licensing processes and optimised its IT systems for pan-European licensing.

SUISA members have had the benefit of pan-European licensing services since October 2013.

Precise claims + transparent processes = higher revenues 

Once a work is identified, SUISA claims from a single downloading or streaming. Larger collecting societies have much higher claiming thresholds: they often only claim as of 200 downloads. Moreover, SUISA documents its members’ works meticulously. In the event of a dispute – i.e. when several collecting societies make claims with regard to the same work – SUISA frequently prevails thanks to its comprehensive documentation. SUISA continuously invests in modernising its IT systems.

Thanks to its modern IT architecture, lower claiming threshold and well-honed dispute procedures, SUISA issues precise and complete invoices. 


SUISA has manageable structures and short decision-making channels: its 160 employees work efficiently and effectively with flexible processes. Experience shows that through direct licensing, SUISA can increase its members' online revenues by up to 50% per territory. These are licensing revenues which were previously lost to publishers and authors or which were erroneously distributed owing to the complexity of the European licensing business. SUISA maximises results for its members and distributes revenues on a quarterly basis.


Attractive terms and conditions for new members

SUISA is henceforth making its services available to all interested publishers and authors. Register today to profit from our advanced licensing solutions in the future. SUISA’s experts will be pleased to provide you with detailed information about its services and terms and conditions.


fabian.niggemeier@suisa.ch (Pan-European licensing)
sebastian.spring@suisa.ch (Members' Department)






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