SUISA distributes CHF 117 million to music creators

SUISA’s 2010 financial statements were approved by its General Assembly today in Bern. Last year, SUISA distributed CHF 117.3 million (2009: CHF 119.5 million). After an average cost-coverage deduction of 11.95%, more than 88% of SUISA’s royalty revenues were distributed to publishers, authors and composers of music. Géraldine Savary, member of the Council of States, was elected to the Board. The composer Xavier Dayer was elected President of the cooperative society.

The General Assembly of SUISA, the Swiss Cooperative Society of Music Au-thors and Publishers, today approved the Society’s 2010 financial statements and elected four new members to its Board.  In the reporting year, SUISA’s revenues totalled CHF 142.3mn (CHF 133.2mn in tariff revenues and CHF 9.1mn in secondary revenues).
The excellent concert year and constant broadcasting revenues contributed largely to the good results. Revenues from performance and broadcasting rights, SUISA's main licensing area, reached a record peak of CHF 99.2mn. Revenues from sound carrier licensing declined by 10% to CHF 17.1mn, while income from online music uses increased to CHF 3.5mn.

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