SUISA reacts to massive surge in corona cases

Since Friday, 16 October, there is an obligation to wear a mask on the SUISA premises and staff are working predominantly from home in line with the recommendation of the authorities. Access to the office premises for visitors is limited. If possible, visitors are asked to get in touch via telephone or email.

Due to the surge in corona cases, SUISA has increased the protective measures again. Since Friday, 16 October, staff are mainly working from home, as per the recommendation by the authorities. Those who continue to work in the SUISA office are asked to wash their hands regularly and to air the premises. The entire building is also subject to the obligation to wear a mask.

Meetings are, wherever possible, held via video conferencing. Access to the SUISA office premises for visitors is limited. If you wish to get in touch with us, we kindly ask you to do so by phoning us or by sending us an e-mail. Our contact details can be accessed here