Payments from abroad to take place each quarter as of September 2018

In future, SUISA members will receive their payments due from abroad faster than before.

As announced in the SUISAblog at the beginning of the year (“SUISA settlement dates 2018 – and one improvement”), from autumn 2018, payments from abroad will also be adjusted to take place each quarter. This means that the second of three payments from abroad for 2018 will be issued on 18 September. The third payment will follow in mid-December.

Thanks to a new IT application, in May 2018 we managed to distribute a larger number of settlements from our foreign sister societies than ever before. Due to this, and to the fact that settlements from abroad will be distributed twice this autumn for the first time (in September and December), there will, however, be less remuneration distributed this September overall. (Photo: Denis Nata /