Second quarterly settlement in 2016

The next quarterly settlement is coming up. On 15 June 2016, SUISA members will receive their settlements for the below-mentioned tariffs. For the first time, Central Licensing is included in the forthcoming quarterly settlement. Central licensing will no longer be settled separately.

Starting this year, SUISA will also distribute SRG radio broadcasts on a quarterly basis. The first settlement (for broadcasts in the 3rd quarter of 2015) was paid in March 2016, the coming settlement covers the 4th quarter broadcasts. Reducing the settlements interval is an important objective for SUISA with a view to distributing income to members more rapidly.

Domestic performance rights, Tariffs: B, C, E, H, Hb, HV, Z (2015)      
Domestic performance rights, Tariffs: D, K (4th quarter 2015)      
Domestic broadcasting rights, Tariff: A (SRG Radio 4th quarter 2015)      
Domestic broadcasting rights, Tariff: A (SRG TV, 3rd & 4th quarters 2015)      
Domestic broadcasting rights, Tariff: A (SRG commercials 2015)      
Domestic broadcasting rights, Tariffs: S, Y (2015)      
Mechanical rights, Tariffs: PA, PI, PN, VI, VN (4th quarter 2015)      
Mechanical rights, central licensing (3rd & 4th quarters 2015)      

For more information on the settlements schedule, see the SUISAblog (available in German and French only).