New layout for online settlement statements

SUISA launches a new look for its online settlement statements in September 2015. Our new settlement layout provides a better overview and more details. The improved presentation is intended to help our members to find desired pieces of information faster.

The new layout permits fast and yet detailed access to the allocated work remuneration. Rights owners' shares (percentages) appear in bold if the work remuneration reaches at least 0.5 Rappen.

Other authors' or publishers' shares are only shown if they were also licensed by SUISA and if they have attracted at least 0.5 Rappen in work remuneration. As a minimum piece of information, the name of the first composer (in alphabetical order) shall be indicated for rights owners; this is intended to serve work identification purposes. To provide a quick overview, the total of distributed usages per work is shown on top of the detailed view on the right hand side, next to the rights owners (in the column "quantity").

In certain cases, the new online distribution statements no longer show a complete list of rights owners on a work. The statements now only reflect the percentages which have actually been licensed by SUISA. Rights owners' shares percentages, as displayed, usually represent the respective status at the time of licensing. Should the shares have changed prior to the settlement date, the percentages are shown in the detailed breakdown in the column "%" rather than on the right hand side next to the rights owner.

Amounts are rounded up or down to a whole Rappen. Amounts that were rounded down are not lost. They will be cumulated again and paid to members by means of rounding credits. Such rounding credits are marked with "++" in the column "country".