New settlement date: CHF 4.8m royalty distribution

One of SUISA's highest priorities is to shorten the time between pay-outs to its members. We have therefore introduced additional settlement dates for the current year.

Income from tariffs D, K (performing rights) and PA, PI, PN, VI, VM, VN (reproduction/copying rights) shall be paid out on the new settlement date, 15/09/2015. A total of CHF 3,000,000 from the performing rights sector and CHF 1,800,000 from the reproduction/copying rights sector are thus to be distributed. Due to the new settlement date, remuneration will be paid out to authors that they would otherwise not have received before 2016.  Said settlement is already shown on "my account". The next distribution for these tariffs shall now take place at a newly introduced date, mid-December 2015.

Our SUISAblogprovides further information on the new settlement dates and an overview of all distributions.

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