About Authors

Have you composed or arranged a piece of music? Or written lyrics to a song? Then you have created a work. That work is your intellectual property. As its author, you can decide if, when and how it can be broadcast, recorded or performed in public. Who manages your rights, and who collects the royalties to which you are entitled for the use of your work?

Members and Associate Members
You can join SUISA by signing a rights’ administration agreement. SUISA will manage your rights and make sure you are paid for the use of your works. You first join SUISA as an associate member. Provided you have been an associate member for at least one year, you can become an ordinary member, with full voting and election rights, as soon as you have received at least CHF 2000 in royalties.
SUISA charges a one-time membership fee of CHF 100.-, including VAT.

Domestic and Foreign Royalty Settlements
SUISA has concluded reciprocity agreements with over 100 foreign sister societies. This ensures that you also receive royalties for the use of your works abroad. Royalties from domestic and foreign uses are distributed at fixed settlement dates.


  • Even if you are not a member of SUISA, your works are still protected by copyright.
  • SUISA is not responsible for protecting your works. SUISA’s function is to collect the royalties for the public use of your works and pass them on to you.
  • You should join SUISA if your works are already used in public or if they will be so in the foreseeable future.  Then SUISA can claim royalties on your behalf.
  • If you co-author a work with others, all co-authors must also join SUISA as associate members. All the songwriters in a band have to join individually.

Occupational Benefits
SUISA has established a special pension fund which contributes to your retirement. Further information is available in the pension fund regulations.